The Alias Field – The Other Name

You can add a constituent’s alias (e.g. acronym, stage name, maiden name, etc.) to their constituent record and then search for it in the constituent search screen.

Note:  You may also find the Aliases screen helpful in adding the previous known names of constituents, particularly if they have been married several times.

When you run a constituent search, on the Open screen that appears, check the Check aliases checkbox to ensure aliases are used in your search.

Not Your Fault But the Default Tab

Although when you currently open a constituent’s record it defaults to the home page, you can change what tab you want to appear. From the menu bar on the shell of The Raiser’s Edge, select Tools, User Options. The Options screen appears and you can change the default tab of individual, organization, etc. records.


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Manila Folders or Query & Export Folders

You can create folders or categories to group queries or exports such as by user or by the query’s intended use.

To create and organize query categories, select Organize Categories from the menu bar of the Query page or the Export page. On the Organize Categories screen, you can create, rename, and delete query categories. You can also adjust the order in which they appear on the Query or Export page.

Reciprocity – The Relationship & Reciprocal Fields

The Relationship field defines the nature of the association the individual/organization (whose name is in the Last Name and First Name directly in front of you) has to the constituent.
The Reciprocal field defines the relationship of the constituent to the individual/organization (whose name is in the header).

For example:

Head of Household – Who Qualifies?

In your database, you may have separate constituent records for two constituents who are married to or live with each other.  You can determine which spouse in your database should be designated as the head of household.

To do this check/uncheck the Head of Household checkbox that appears on the General 1 tab of the individual relationship record (under the Spouse checkbox).

Backslash Or Using the Backslash (\)

If you have organization records whose name begin with “The” or if you would like a constituent record to be sorted differently (in query, reports, exports, etc.) than it is currently displayed in the constituent’s name field, consider using a backslash (\).

When you enter a backslash (\) in the constituent name on a constituent record, query sorts beginning with the first character after the backslash.

For example, if you have the organization, The Community Foundation, in your database, you should enter The\Community Foundation in the Org Name field on the Org 1 tab.  The record will be sorted using “C” instead of “T”.