What does formatting my data include?

Here are some examples of the formatting we have performed:

  • Moving suffixes in last name to the Suffix field
  • Adding Periods to Middle Names
  • Moving Middle Names in the first name field to the Middle Name field
  • Creating Addressee & Salutations based on conversations with Client
  • Replacing any double spaces in names, addresses, etc., if applicable
  • Providing correct capitalization of first and last Names and addresses
  • Formatting State field with 2 letters, if applicable
  • Formatting phone numbers
  • Adding email types to emails, if applicable
  • Added address type to business addresses and constituents’ addresses, if applicable  

Our current database is on our server or a computer, can you still help us?

Of course!  

We use technology such as Gotomypc to be able to access your data.  

Or if you prefer, we can access your organization's data with a remote desktop you provide us.

What types of training do you provide?

  • Memorable & relevant
  • Customized 4 hours or 8 hours 
  • As many people from your organization including staff, volunteers, board members, etc.
  • Remote training via Zoom or at your location

If you elect for remote training, we provide a copy of the video training for the client.

If you electtraining at your location, the client is responsible for all consultant-related travel expenses, including airfare, ground transportation and miscellaneous expenses, hotel, and a daily per-diem rate for meals.

Some of our favorite topics to deliver include:

  • Best practices in setting up LGL Campaigns, Funds & Appeals
  • Best practices in setting up your events
  • Best practices in setting up your Gift Types and Categories
  • Gifts, matching gifts and soft credit gifts, oh my!  Best practices in processing all types of gifts in LGL.
  • When should you create Groups and when you should create Lists
  • Using LGL to manage your mailings from start to finish
  • The best Reports to create to keep your team in the loop

In addition, we provide handouts prior to training so that you and your team can focus more on learning than writing during training.