Module 2: Getting Started With Reports

Understanding the basics to being a reporting ninja.

Getting Started With Reports

Reports are searches (aka queries) that allow for you to find and export data on constituents, gifts, and other types (will get to in a later module), based on specific criteria. You can access reports from 3 main areas in the LGL system. 

How to Create a Report from a List

A Constituent Reports and Lists are very similar. You may find that you need to export data from a List you use regularly but don't want to create a Report from scratch to do so. Luckily it's a very easy process to create a Report from your List, which will enable you to export the data out of LGL as a .csv or .xlsx file.

How to Create a Report from Scratch

If you don't have a List already created for the query you're wanting to pull from LGL, here are the easy steps to creating a Report from scratch.