Module 3: Constituent Report Examples

Real examples to help you be a reporting ninja.

 Constituent LYBUNT Report

Learn how to create a Report to access constituents who gave last year but have not given this year.

LYBUNT: Last Year But Not This Year 

 Constituent Report with Total Giving Last Year & This Year

Find and compare constituent total giving amounts from last year to this year.  

Constituent Report with Appeal Giving and Excluding Groups

Find constituents who have given to a specific appeal, but carefully excluding key groups / categories of people you don't want displayed in the Report. 

 Constituent Report with Event Attendance

Find and create a Report for constituents who have RSVPed to a specific event for your organization. 

Constituent Report with Event Attendance but No Gift

Quickly find out who attended your event but hasn't given yet.

Globally Adding a Task From a List & Creating a Constituent Report

Use a List to globally add a task to constituents, then create a Report to export that information out of LGL.