Our process begins with an assessment of your organization's fundraising goals and strategies, business processes, staff roles, and any challenges with your current software.


We then work with your team to develop and recommend best practices and workable solutions that will maximize your current software or help you implement a new one.


Lastly, we empower your staff to operate your system with ease through custom trainings and online tutorials, allowing your team to stay focused on what really matters- changing lives.


Are data frustrations hurting your development team? We can help! 




One of the single greatest causes of a dirty CRM/donor management software is a lack of training for staff. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how good or bad your organization's software is; if your staff is not trained properly, then how can they be expected to use the database to its best potential? NPSS' trainings (using your organization's working database) are customized, memorable, and will make you love your software!



You've heard the old adage, "Garbage in, garbage out." The same goes for your database. Bad data with duplicated, outdated, incorrect or incomplete information… along with a database that has not been set up properly, wastes your staff's time and leads to frustration. You may not realize it, but it is harming your organization's ability to make effective decisions, engage donors and ultimately raise funds.

We realize that cleaning your database can be a significant time investment and requires expertise.  Our clients trust us to clean their databases efficiently and effectively. 



Learn on your own time how to utilize your nonprofit's specific CRM / Donor management software processes. Our tutorials are designed to be short, informative, and definitely not boring! 

Upcoming software course offerings will include Little Green Light, Salesforce NPSP, Classy, and Raiser's Edge. 



Finding the ‘right' software for your organization can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from and each option offering different features, it is difficult to find the software system that is the best fit for your organization. The good news is you can minimize your stress and end up with a solution that best fits your organization's needs with some expert help.


Is your CRM/donor management software not operating at its highest potential, but you do not know what is needed to make changes? With our experience in fundraising and evaluating nonprofit databases, we conduct thorough database assessments that will:

1) Determine areas where best practices can be implemented,

2) Address areas where customization is needed,

3) Identify areas for data clean-up and training.



You're excited that your organization has selected a new CRM/Donor Management software, but you're also overwhelmed because you're not sure what is involved in making the "move."

Moving data from one system to another is deceptively complex.  To carry out a successful data migration and CRM implementation, you need to have a detailed plan and expert help.

We have in-depth experience in thinking through all of the logistics of the conversion and implementation process to ensure a smooth transition for your organization.   



Without documented guidelines for your organization’s data entry and business processes, inconsistent records and coding become widespread. Having well-crafted documentation ensures consistency in data entry, helps to maintain integrity of the data and serves as an aid in training staff. We understand the effort and time it takes to compile this detailed information. 

Our specialists have a proven track record of creating specialized policies and procedures manuals that have helped our clients maintain a healthy, useful database.